Advice on upgrading £200-£450

My current pc specs are;

CPU: Intel q6600 not overclocked (2 years old) CPU
Mobo: abit aw9d (temp sensor montior possibly faulty) (3 years old) Mobo
Ram: 4gb ram 800mhz (month old)
GPU: Power colour ATI 4850 1gb (month old) GPU
PSU: Hiper 650 or 750 watt
hdd: 200gb maxtor and a 200gb western digital
drive: dvd read and write.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Before summer 2010 between May - June

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Autocad/sketch up, Watching movies/Music, Internet browsing Video editing and rendering

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Mouse, Keyboard, Sound. Unsure on the sound card but it has been fine for my surround sound. Also unsure on ram brand and psu exact watt level but will re use, would also like to keep the gpu as its quite new, will happily sell the ram if going up to ddr3 in my budget is do able.


PARTS PREFERENCES: Not really fussed, had both Intel and amd and ati/nvidia. I am interested in best performance for money

OVERCLOCKING: I am tempted to look into this, just finding the time, sli/cross fire is a possiblity if it is worth it and in my budget.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: Currently using two 17" 1440x900 lcd's considering upgrading one to a 22" 1080p tv screen.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Looking for this to last 3 years at least before considering an upgrade again, the main use of my pc currently is gaming as i have a laptop for autocad but intend to use it for both, im studying architecture so anything related to that will be used on my pc.

I think my mobo is faulty now as the temp readings from bios after turning on is 55deg and i had an issue using 6gb of ram with windows 7 64bit so i think in general the mobo is faulty. I will also likely upgrade my gpu once direct x11 minimum games come out that i am interested in once the prices level out. The main games i play on my pc are FPS playing bf:bc2 on high settings atm getting 60 fps and a few crashes and freezes and mmorpg, specifically Eve online with two clients, one on each screen currently having occasional memory issues.

Looking to spend £200-£450

Thanks in advance
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  1. Let me get this straight.
    You need CPU, Mobo, RAM (if you can afford DDR3), OS?, HDD?, Case? To me I think Hiper make decent PSUs, so I think you should be able to reuse it for quite awhile yet. I would like to know exactly which one it is so that I can read some reviews of it. If it is as good as I think it is then you might even be able to do two 4850s on it.

    I think at that budget it is more likely to get an overall high quality AMD build.

    Onboard sound is quite good, so unless you work at a professional level with sound or have very high standards for it, then you should be fine with onboard.
  2. Your CPU is still very good and you shouldn't spend money on buying another LGA775 mobo. Take out the CPU, change the thermal paste with a good one and the temperature will drop. Next year you may change the platform, it will be cheaper by then.

    You can get a new monitor for your upgrade.

    + a video card, I would go for a HD5770
  3. Thanks for the reply, sorry about my first post it is a bit confusing.

    I am looking to get another year or two out of what i currently have before i make the jump to ddr3. I have a case, windows 7 64bit home edition currently installed, two hdd's one is possibly getting towards the end of its life so another might be a possibility, dvd drive, sound card, gfx card, PSU, cpu, mobo

    I am looking at either
    A: a new mobo and cpu to use with my parts - or maybe just waiting untill next years depends on what i can get for my money.
    B: a new motherboard and overclocking my current cpu up to 3.2ghz
    C: Another option which you might think is better

    I am interested in getting a new mobo as i think mine is giving me false temp readings. Currently in bios when i first power up my pc the temp is reading at 50-59deg, i have tried water cooling with a desktop fan blowing into my case with the side removed and this gave me an idle temp of 44deg current temperatures are being read with an air setup. It has been running at these temps for atleast 2 years which i would have thought would have had an effect on my cpu by now, when it was under load it was reading at 65-69deg.

    Silvune - I am using the sound card which comes with the mobo on the page i listed as my mobo, the psu i am using is this

    Mosox- Would i not be better off getting a second 4850 and xfiring it with my current 4850?

    A new monitor is on my list of things to buy i was going to get a flat screen tv budget of around £350.00 for a 22"-24" 1080p screen that i can use for my pc, xbox 360 and as a tv as i will be using it at uni mostly. I would use one of my current screens as the second display.
  4. You can read your temps with this

    Just change the thermal paste and add an aftermarket CPU cooler if not happy with your temps after that. Anyway, you don't change the mobo just for false temp readings. And the socket LGA 775 is dead, later you'll have to buy a new mobo when upgrading your CPU.

    You can use your current video card for now, it's quite good for not very high resolutions.
  5. I downloaded the software you recommended and tried it out on a few things last night.

    Idle - 51deg (after a few hours of not being used)
    Eve online with two clients open - 68deg (this was taken about 1:30mins after i first started playing )
    Battlefield bad company 2 with high preset video settings - 79-81deg (taken about an hour into game session)

    I forgot to mention i have an aftermarket fan, it is a low profile one as it was originally going to be used in an xbox360 and was what i had at the time, the fan is a screw down type. Im unsure on the specific brand of cpu paste i used but it was white and was in a syringe...

    I am tempted to order some better paste as this would be a cheaper fix, the volts going into the cpu atm is 1.16 so if using this paste reduces the temperatures i will probably have a go at overclocking and saving my money for a new monitor etc
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