In between Samsung 21.5" LS22A300BSLZD and LCD LED AOC 23" E2343F2K

So, I am looking forward to buying one of those monitors, but I need some advice first.

The Samsung gives me almost what I need. It is a 21,5" monitor with DVI input. The AOC is 23,6", has two HDMI ports and a 2ms response time, but costs reasonably more, around 60 dollars (note that I currently live in brazil).

I will be plugin the monitor into the following setup:

i5 2500k @ 4,0ghz

GTX 570 Gigabyte SOC

it is, therefore, for enthusiastic gaming. My question is, is it worth 60 dollas the extra HDMI port and the low response time, or is it just nothing noticeable.
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  1. If you are using it for gaming yes, 2ms = needed for gaming.

    the price is very good, go for the AOC, bigger/ better, you will not regret it.
  2. I did go for the AOC.. it came with terrible ghosting and shades, as well as some weird dots, all while having dynamic images... guess was something wrong with the dynamic controller... anyway i had to return it and bought myself a 21.5" samsung with DVI-D that is, to say the least, AWESOME... great image and I can't even tell it is just 5ms response time. moreover, it is more stable at the desk and looks a bit better too.
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