Cheap gaming upgrade - circa £150 - £200


I currently have a 1GHz AMD Athlon (yes really) with a GeForce 4 AGP card. As you can tell it's old. It's lasted aaaages with a couple of RAM and HDD upgrades but I'm looking to rebuild it on the cheap.

I want to replace : mobo, CPU, RAM, GPU

Uses will be some gaming, programming, usual web stuff.

I don't expect or desire 1000000000x10000000000 resolution and 32bit colour depth. As long as it runs WoW and prolly a few other games at passable res/FPS I'll be happy. Just looking to move out of the 20th century really :)

Having had a read around here/Google etc I was thinking maybe an Athlon II X3 425 in something akin to an ASRock M3A790GMH/128M mobo (for the integrated GPU and room for upgrades later). With a bit of DDR3 added in I'm hoping for about £180-ish

I have a PSU rated at max 250W, and the case appears to have a Mini-ATX mobo in it (284x208mm).

1. Is 250W sufficient for that kind of setup or am I gonna have to bite the bullet and get a new PSU?
2. What mobo would be best for an X3 425?
3. Is it actually cheaper to get integrated GPU or chuck a cheap GPU into a PCIe slot?

Hoping to upgrade reasonably soon - next 4 weeks or so.

Thanks in advance for your sage advice!
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  1. Not for ~$300 USD ... Maybe 300 Sterling.
  2. Not godly but good to go for 1280 x 1024 gaming high (medium for Crysis)
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