Samsung 226bw stuck on standby

I have a problem with my display.

My monitor is a Samsung 226bw

Since this is most likely a display problem, Ill mention my video card which is a ATi 4890 1gb. My onboard is a ATi HD3200

After hooking up my computer and monitor, I turn on my computer and the display gets stuck at the Analog/Digital screen. After a few seconds going from analog to digital and so on, the screen will go blank, but the monitor's power button would continue to blink. It's like it's stuck on stand by or something

Ater a few tries using my 4890(with different cables; vga, analog, hdmi), I removed the card and tried booting up using my onboard display. Still the same problem.

Any ideas? could it be that my monitor's inputs are bad, because this has actually happened before with my past computer and even my ps3.
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  1. I'm also having this same problem - suspect either recent windows update or driver update as that is the only thing I have changed. Noticed the audio post on beep gives one long beep with 2 short although there is not much of a pause between. On windows 7 - 8800gtx card. I have reset the card into the socket and checked all cables. Pushing the source button on theonitor does not fix the problem. What can I do I do not have onboard video with my mb.
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