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i'm looking for a monitor so i can play games on mostly, i have been having a look around but none seemed to fit what i was looking for
the games i like to play are ones like starcraft 2, warcraft 3, battlefield 3, and lots of others
my budget, there really isn't one, but of course nothing too expensive
i want one about 27", i have a 24" in the lounge but its my mums and i really want a 27"
the response time for the monitor, i looked around and saw some that were 2ms and just i liked it, a friend has a 2ms asus monitor and i tried it on the weekend, it was awesome, but i don't want to get the same type that his is (i can't remember it anyways)
if theres any gaming monitors that you would recommend please do
though im looking for ones that are recommended for rts and fps gamers
thanks in advance, brandon
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    If you do a lot of intense battles in BF3, a 120Hz Monitor would be great for you. I recommend the Planar 2311.
  2. thanks for the reply, ive picked a monitor now, thanks for the help, i chose a benq rl2450ht 24" monitor, i picked it because im gonna be playing rts games and so more then battlefield 3, thanks for your help tho :) greatly appriciated
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