Shall I send my monitor back or keep it?

So my monitor has just been dispatched ( I immediately saw AS:Brotherhood, 3d and LED for £85 off and jumped on it. It was £154 ($243)
Issue is I'm having second thoughts, Is this monitor worth the money? Should I get smaller monitors and dual monitor, I was planning to anyway but I only like dual monitors if the monitors are exactly the same, some OCD thing I guess and I will rarely ever use the 3D option but it just seemed like a bargain since it was LED.

Basically what I am asking is if this monitor is worth the buck and If not what should I be getting, I know next to nothing about monitors but would love dual monitors In my first build and am only using them for gaming.
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  1. Dual monitors for gaming is not the best. One large monitor or 3 monitors is what you want. A 23" monitor is plenty big though. Anything larger and your vision will not be able to take in the whole picture at once without moving your eyes side to side a lot. At normal desk sitting position that is.

    I have had issues with LG monitors at work, but that seems to be confined to the particular model that was bought, although it was a high-end model, and all the ones we bought had image issues.
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