High quality ~22 inch LCD suggestions?

So I've done some looking and asked in a different thread here if there is such a thing as a monitor smaller than 24 inches that supports 1920x1200 (I'm not interested in 17 inch laptop screens and 16:9 monitors). As it turns out, they don't seem to exist, for whatever reason. One of my friends has a 24-inch widescreen monitor that I simply cant stand to use for gaming because its too big, it bothers me I cant see all of what's going on at any given point. So I'd like to know if anyone has a good suggestion for a high-quality 16:10 monitor somewhere around the 22 inch size, and I guess I'm going to have to settle for 1680x1050. I'm currently using a 17 inch 1920x1200 laptop monitor and I'd really like for my new desktop's monitor to not look worse than what I've had for the past 5 years.
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  1. How about the 21.5" Dell U2211H with a resolution of 1920 x 1080?


    You will not find a 1920 x 1200 monitor under 24".
  2. ^Good recommendation.. If you are locked onto a 16:10 aspect ratio then check this out -


    Here's a feature comparison -

  3. Well, I stand corrected. There is such a thing as 1920x1200 at 22 inches, but you have to pay just about as much as you would for a 30 inch screen. I can afford something a tad over the dozens of 1680x1050 displays that sell for ~$170, but $800+ is way out of my price range. After a bit of research myself I've only come across a few 22 inch monitors with anything that seems to make them stand out, the aforementioned dell, the LG W2220P, that also has an IPS screen, and monitors with LED backlights, that to my knowledge mostly just help with energy efficiency. Unfortunately for me, the lg doesn't seem to be available for purchase online anywhere, even though it obviously exists as I can find reviews/videos of it. I'm not really a fan of dell, however, so unless I can find more about the lg or find some compelling reason not to, I'll probably just start digging through the all-waaay-too-similar looking 1680x1050 screens that sell between $160 and $250.
  4. You said high quality, i gave you the TOP! :D

    Whats your price range?
  5. sasuki said:
    You said high quality, i gave you the TOP! :D

    Whats your price range?

    I'ts nice to know if I ever have money to burn there are nice monitors out there to spend it on. In reality, however, I was planning on spending somewhere between $150 and $375ish, depending on how much quality improves as cost goes up. If theres no significant difference until you start paying more than triple what a cheap monitor of the same size would cost, I'd just as soon settle with the low end, but I'm willing to pay a small premium for a better picture.

    EDIT: After more looking, I think I've narrowed it down to a few possibilites. Keep in mind I'm only interested in 16:10 and 24 inches is too big for my taste. The samsung 2233RZ, the only 120Hz 22 inch I could find (for its refresh rate, I have zero interest in 3d), the dell 2209WA, the only readily avaliable non-TN 22 inch I could find, and the LG W2286L, as it's the only LED backlit 22 inch I can find (and even so I'd still have to get it shipped from the UK to the US). Lack of competition is really unfortunate, but thats apparently what I get when I want 16:10.

    Prices as I could find them were ~$275 for the dell and LG, ~330 for the samsung. I've had bad experiences with dell in the past so I'm hesitant to buy one again, even though its probably the "best" image quality I could get at this screen size/aspect ratio. That leaves it to either the LG, the samsung, or just picking pretty much arbitrarily since the vast majority of the (admittedly fairly small) 16:10 22 inch monitor market all seems to be pretty much the same. I'm pretty unsure as to how much an LED backlight really impacts image quality, if at all, and I'm likewise unsure as to how much of an improvement 120 Hz is over the stadard 60. Its quite obvious (with games anyway) going from ~20-30 Hz/fps up to 60 (without motion blur), but I don't have a baseline to compare 60fps to 120 in a game, and where the difference is no longer visible seems to be a somewhat unclear issue.
    I can afford to buy the samsung, but I'm a tad worried about picture quality when its one of the first 120Hz monitors, and I'm likewise worried about LED backlighting being more hype and power effiency rather than a real improvement. I suppose that is a rather common question here, is it really worth it to go for a LED backlight when unconcerned about power effiency, an IPS panel when unconcerned about viewing angle, or 120Hz refresh rate when unconcerned about 3D. My main concern is image quality from a "normal" position in front of the monitor and how well it will work for gaming, both in terms of image/colors and display latency, without any more emphasis on one or the other. I don't want to waste money on features that do little to nothing for me, but I don't want to waste money buying a monitor that I'll really want to replace in a year or two either.
    So, after that rather lengthy edit (better than a double post, right?), can anyone make a helpful suggestion on one of the monitors I'm considering or even another model that I probably missed?
  6. Well, due to circumstances out of my control, my budget for building a new pc just went from ~$2000 to $400. I obviously wont build a pc at that price, since more than half would have to go to a monitor/kb/mouse alone. I am, however, considering just buying a monitor to use as a separate screen for my laptop until I get around to building a pc. It seems that any and all innovations in monitors are aimed at the 16:9 format I can't stand doing work with, or 24'' screens, and I'm worried that if I don't buy a monitor in the next year, it will be very difficult to find a decent quality monitor with the 16:10 aspect ratio. So while I did spend plenty of time looking for a higher-quality 22'' monitor at a decent price, for the most part, they dont seem to exist. There is a single 120Hz model that apparantly has problems with a constant blue tint, a LED backlit model that is no longer available in the US, and an IPS panel that is either not avaliable in the US or comes from dell, who I don't want to deal with again. On top of that, there aren't any 22 inch monitors with anywhere near the resolution I've been using at 17'' for years, unless I want to spend just as much as I would on a 2560x1600 30 inch.
    So I'm vaguely considering just giving in and buying a 24 inch screen. Maybe it won't bother me so much if I sit a bit further from my desk. I don't like paying a premium for a larger size that is only a downside in my opinion, but it seems that I would have to pay more for a quality 22 inch than a quality 24 inch anyway, because companies dont make 16:10 screens in 22 inch sizes anymore.
    So, while I realize none of you can see the future, does anyone have a reccomendation on buying now vs waiting and hoping 16:10 and more reasonable sized monitors make a resurgence later? I know there are sure to be new monitor technologies developed in the future, but it seems that, for the most part, we've been getting the same size/panel type/resolution/aspect ratio monitors for the past 8 years with no changes whatsoever, except in price.

    Edit: typo...
  7. I had the same problem as you have, I wanted a 22" 16:10 ratio, and I bought http://www.overclock.co.uk/product/LG-W2286L-PF-22inch-LED-16:10-HDMI-Widescreen-TFT-Monitor_26816.html and it's great, it has good colors, no ghosting and black is black.
  8. Humpy said:
    I had the same problem as you have, I wanted a 22" 16:10 ratio, and I bought http://www.overclock.co.uk/product/LG-W2286L-PF-22inch-LED-16:10-HDMI-Widescreen-TFT-Monitor_26816.html and it's great, it has good colors, no ghosting and black is black.

    Yeah... Thats the LED backlit 22 inch I was considering until I realized it cant be shipped to the U.S. and no U.S. retailers carry it. (well, I could buy it used from amazon for $550, but thats way more than its worth). Good suggestion though, it was what I was leaning towards before I realized it inst available here.

    Right now I'm considering just giving in and buying the hp zr24w the next time I see it for around $350 (Its $380 at a minimum now), I'd just like to know if my fears of nice 16:10 screens disappearing from all markets instead of just from the 22 inch market are just fears or really what the trend seems to be.
  9. Actually, I own three different 1920 by 1200 LCDs smaller than 24 inches:

    Lenovo L220X (22-inch, same PVA panel as the EIZO), made in 2007 and 2008
    Philips Brilliance 230W5 (same IPS panel as the early Apple CinemaDisplay), made in 2004 and 2005
    Philips Brilliance 230WP7 (same IPS panel as the later Apple CinemaDisplay), made in 2006 (I think)

    The 22-inch panel was used only on the EIZO and Lenovo. In portrait mode, four 220Xes are no wider than three typical 24s.

    The 23s were used on about six brands, including Sony and HP.

    My 230WP7 has the clearest, sharpest desktop-LCD display I've seen. But it's now impossible to find.

    I use three L220Xs (all pivoted to portrait) at my home PC, three 230W5s at work. My wife got the lone 230WP7. I bought all seven monitors used and have had no problems.

    CompuVest has been liquidating the remaining stock of L220Xs. As of this writing, they were selling for about $150 shipped, on the store's site or on the store's eBay listing.
  10. Even at dead on, you will still see color shift when looking at the top or bottom of a screen.
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