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Hi, I was looking for a new monitor and i was about to buy a Dell U2312HM, but then i realized that 120hz monitors are better for gaming.

So i was looking at these two monitors, ASUS VG278H and the ASUS VG236H But I wasn't sure what was the difference between them; Is it just the bigger screen and the Vision 2 glasses?, what about image quality/response time/ghosting?

I was leaning more towards the 23" one because it's cheaper, but i don't know if the image quality is the same. I've read awesome reviews about the 27" one, but i can't seem to find any comparisons between both.

I was also thinking on buying the 23" but the one that comes without the Vision 1 glasses and buying a Nvidia Vision 2 glasses since they are more advanced.

So what do you recommend?
Do you know if there are other 120hz monitors that are better than these two?
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  1. I have recently bought a Samsung S27A950 27" monitor. I love it so far, however with that being said i don't use the 3D much for games. But the built in 3D converter does work well with movies. It's worth being said this monitor does not support nVidia's 3D Vision, however people have found workarounds.
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