New gaming monitor

i'm looking for a new monitor for mainly gaming.
so here's what i'm looking for

refresh time: not a big deal to me as long as its insanely bad, but the faster the better
LED backlit
good for eyefinity
dvi, but not necassary
low inputlag

here's the ones im looking at, feel free to suggest anything else

Samsung S27A350H

hp 2711x

asus ve278q

i'm trying to stay around the $300 price range

also, would 3x27" monitor be too big(im sitting about 2 and a half feet away from the monitor) or should i just go with 3x24"
i know i have the desk space so that's not a problem

i currently have an acer AL2016W, had it for about 3 years so i've figured its time for a new one.
the response time doesn't bug me(i believe its 8ms) and the only way i really notice it is if i drag a window really fast around my screen.
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  1. I'd go with the Asus ve278q, or the Dell ultrasharp 24 inch. I can't say if 3x27 is to big, because my eyes hurt if its over 24, so I use a 21.5 incher. The Asus meets all your specs. and Asus is a reliable brand, it would be a great fit for gaming and I would say just go with that, but all of them are good so its up to you.
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