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Which is better for gaming: IPS or TN, and what size is best? If you say one or the other, please provide the monitor you think is best for me. I will be playing Runescape, Skyrim, and BF3 mainly. I can spend up to $270. I will be using an i5-2500k and a Radeon 7950.

Will also watch youtube videos. My preferred resolution is either 1920x1080 or 1920x1200. Idk which one is best.
Also, what IPS should I choose if you say to go with IPS?

My preferences are:
Low input lag
Nothing higher than 1920x1200
High Pixels Per Inch
LED Backlighting preferred but not required
Good contrast ratio
Can use Portrait and Landscape mode
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  1. The best size is from 23" up.Depends how close you are to the monitor. If you stay close to the monitor an 27" is big and is not comfortable.
    What you say about this Asus
  2. It's pretty good!
  3. Updated question.
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