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Multiple Monitor Set-up

Hi All,

I need help with setting up a 3 x 24" monitor set-up that will be used primarily for gaming. The monitors would be driven by two EVGA GTX 580 Video Cards in SLI. Where I need help is in selecting the best monitors that meet the following requirements:

Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1200
16:10 Aspect Ration
Response time: < 5 ms
LED Backlight
H-IPS based monitor

Would a 3 x 24" monitor set-up with specifications as listed above work for a gaming set-up? Would like to hear the pros and cons of setting up multiple monitors that will be used primarily for gaming.
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    Dell Ultrasharp U2410.

    I use one at my office, the bezel is 1", I know Asus just added a 16:10 to it's 3 eyefinity/surround line, but I wouldn't compare Asus quality to Dell. Dell/Apple/HP pretty much make the best IPS monitors out there.

    Response times are marketing gimmicks, both of those monitors have zero ghosting.

    For me personally, I just now bought a Dell Ultrasharp U2711 connected to 2x GTX 560Ti's, which I plan on buying 2 more of for my Nvidia Surround set up.

    Ive played 3 monitor gaming on a buddy's rig, and if you set it up right and take the time to do it right, you will get an experience that is nothing like any other gaming experience. It won't make you better at any games by much, but it does add a great level of immersion factor to them, which if you're like me, the whole reason i game is for immersion and escapism.
  2. I like the Dell Ultrasharp U2711 you just bought. What is the bezel width on that monitor and how much desk space is required for the final Nvidia Surround set-up you are planning?

    In your experience viewing and playing on a 3 x monitor set-up, how does the bezel width affect viewing the game?

    Will it take some time to get used to the break between monitors?

    Do you know if multiple monitors such as the Dell Ultrasharp U2711 can be mounted on a Ergotron - DS100 Triple-Monitor Desk Stand - Stand for Triple flat panel?

    I have never played on a 3 x monitor gaming set-up and I am looking forward to this experience. I will most likely take the same route as you and purchase one Dell Ultrasharp U2711 ($$$) at a time and I agree that it is better in the long run to purchase quality and not settle for anything less ...
  3. The bezel is 1". I have had no issues with the bezels when playing a game with 3 monitors.

    The U2711 is def the best to get. As far as your mount goes, if it's VESA standard, then yes it should fit the U2711.

    Do you live in GA? Im in Atlanta, haha.
  4. Not in the Georgia in US but the Republic of Georgia ... use to be part of Russia up until 1991.

    I am currently working in Doha

    I'll check out the stand and confirm it will fit the U2711.

    I am getting a new rig build by Geekbox Computers in Utah ... reason for the upgrade in monitors
  5. Haha oh ok. /faceplam
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