24'' ips vs 27'' TN panel

I'm looking for a monitor and having a very hard deciding which one I should buy.

The title says all.

I would mainly use the monitor as a TV, watch movies, view photos, and not so much gaming.
I'm a bit tight on the budget and looking to spend ~$350.
When it comes to monitors, tv screens and such, I like to think that "bigger is better."
However, in this price range, I found out that I have to sacrifice either the quality or the size.

After a considerably research, I have narrowed down my candidates as following:
IPS: dell u2412hm, hp zr24w
TN: samsung p2770hd, asus VK278Q, Acer H274HLBMID

As I said before, I like to go with the bigger size, but at the same time, my usage tells me that IPS would suit me better. The perfect solution would be to go with a 27 inch IPS panel, but that would more than double my budget.
Given the circumstances, which do you think would be a better choice?

Do you think a 3 inch downgrade is worth the picture quality and an unmatchable viewing angle?
or would it be better for me to go with a bigger size, and sacrifice above facets?

This has been stressing me quite a bit as I am very indecisive.
Please help!
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  1. at that price range its probably a 6-bit e-ips panel and not one of the 8-bit ips panels. what this means is that you gain the viewing angle but not the increased color accuracy over tn. still a better choice than tn or va though. do check that my assumption that its a 6-bit is correct.

    at 27" you might find noticible color shift around the edges of the tn panel due to the bad depending on how close you sit of course. sometimes only a few degrees off center can cause this.

    yes.. in this case i would go with the ips panel not the larger tn. bigger is not always better.

    before you ask... 8bit ips panels which do offer better color accuracy than tn, va and e-ips used to run $500-600+
  2. ^^ good advice.

    I find IPS panels generally do better pixel inversion too(they have less, virtually no flicker.)

    I think it all depends on where you intend to sit in relation to the monitor. At normal distances the IPS will be better. If you want to sit further away (but always directly facing the monitor) a larger TN might be okay.

    Also The 27" panel has the same resolution as a 24" panel so you could just sit closer to a 24"er. And finally there is a much lower chance of dead pixels on an IPS screen.
  3. The HM has one of the lowest input lag of any monitor I have ever seen a review (official review) of. 6/10 of a second is very low. Plus it has good image quality.
  4. You're thinking of the 23" version (the u2312hm). Which is a good option, but it's not what he's looking at.
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