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ASUS VH242H vs. VS248H-P

Building a new rig for me-self, and all i have to buy is the monitor now.
I'm on a $250 dollar budget for the monitor.

I've narrowed down my searches and have come down to two from ASUS:



I plan to use the monitor for gaming and watching movies.

Some of the games that I do play are Dungeon Defenders, Counterstrike 1.6, League of Legends, Minecraft, I might play BF3 & Skyrim. I do play hours on end most of the time, in a dark room or a dim light in the back ground.

What do you think I should pick between these two monitors considering what I'm using them for?
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    for gaming i would go in that for sure. 2ms response time (critical in gaming)

    also LED backlight, 24", higher contrast ration (because of led);

    worth the extra cash;
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  3. i thought so too! thanks!
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