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I am trying to install the monitor on my vista laptop, but it does not want to, however on my XP laptop it was no problem. Please help!!
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  1. What is "does not want to" in computer terms? Kids and goats don't want to do stuff, electronics, not so much. What happens when you plug the monitor it? No display? Colors, resolution off? What have you tried already?
  2. the disk (software) that came with the monitor seems to be Vista unfriendly. It installs on XP, ME and 2000. I have Vista
    on the laptop that I want to use, so I suppose I just cannot use it due to VISTA!! Thanks anyway :(
  3. You should not really need any software to use the monitor. What happens when you plug it in and reboot the laptop? Does it see the monitor in Display Properties? You can also find an updated version of whatever software it is you are using from Samsung support online. Some products ship with out-dated drivers even when brand new.
  4. hi there, no it does not see the monitor in display properties, it makes the bing sound that it has been plugged in, but does not show itself , thanks I will try and get updated driver on line! much appreciated for your input.
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