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Last response: in Systems
February 14, 2010 12:47:06 PM

BUDGET RANGE: £1000+ I don’t want to scrimp but i don’t want to waste, e.g. don’t need 4x SSD drives, want it to be fairly power efficient, i don’t see SLI/CROSSFIRE as essential. Am willing to goto Intel i7, whats £100 at this level, but will it really benefit the system???

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Photo Editing (New Digital SLR), Surfing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard and Mouse, got a SoundBlaster Live Drive 5.1 I wouldn’t mind using this, although maybe it’s not much good anymore.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: , , want the best parts really will shop anywhere

PARTS PREFERENCES: Want a tower case was looking at:
CM Storm Scout + Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W Modular PSU *Special Offer Bundle*


MONITOR RESOLUTION: Has a 17” laptop that does 1920x1200, so will want a fairly fat res

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Would like a solid case, cool it isn’t going to be moved much, plenty of 5 1/4 bays. Have an external NAS so not much in computer storage is required. Thinking of SSD as boot/program installing drive...

CPU Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz Socket LGA1156 8MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor is 660 better?

CPU Cooler - ?? Retail Kit – Unless there’s a better option

?? Would like USB 3.0 support (if its UK available yet??) and full ATX if this is possible (x6 memory slots for near future expansion)

Memory: Prices seem steep at the moment, performance is key obviously, but I’m looking at around 6gb I think realistically

Blue Ray:
LG CH08LS10 Super Multi Blu-Ray Reader & DVD±RW with LightScribe SATA Black - OEM

XFX GTX285 1GB DDR3 Dual DVI PhysX and Cuda ready PCI-E Graphics Card Clueless with gfx cards, ATI/Nvidia, want something decent, never been one for spending 200-300 quid on a card

Hard Drive 1
SSD – Boot Drive/ Apps
OCZ 60GB 2.5" SATAII Agility Series Solid State Drive

Hard Drive 2
Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache - OEM

Monitor – Would like a nice high res monitor, photo editing and some gaming will be done on this machine.
Samsung SM2033SW 20" TFT Monitor 1600x900 15000:1 300cd/m2 5ms DVI/VGA Wall Mountable Glossy Black 3 Years Warranty

Case + Power Supply - Discussed above. New one
CM Storm Scout + Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W Modular PSU *Special Offer Bundle*

Is SSD worth it?

More about : 1000

February 14, 2010 12:54:53 PM

SSD is worth it espcially if you want a fast boot. Just make sure you don't fill it more than half way full or it won't be as fast. In terms of the graphics card its good but ati kills nvidia right now. If you want to really future proof it with dx11 i would get the 5850 or 5870 or you could wait for fermi(they are soposed to be amazing but extremely expensive) Also if you play physx games i would suggest to stick with dx10 and get the 285 or even 295. As for your monitor i would suggest a 1920 by 1280. These monitors are great and probably not that much more than what you have picked out.
February 14, 2010 1:10:24 PM

This is the RAM I'd suggest: G-Skill 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz/PC3-12800 Ripjaw Memory Kit CL7(7-8-7-24) 1.65V £95 You can't really go 6GB on Lynnfield and I don't know of any P55 boards with more than 4 memory slots.
For USB 3 the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD* series of boards and the Asus P7P55D-E series have this feature. The Asus P7P55D-E Evo seems to be the only one available with two PCI-E slots.
Stay with the i5 750, it is a quad core and the 660 is an overpriced dual core.

Definitely change the graphics card to an ATI 5850, as they outperform the GTX 280/285 and are much cheaper. And use less power for that performance, so I would think that would fill your power efficient criteria a bit better.

With a £1000 budget I would get a better PSU, if you do change to a the 5850 you can get a 650W from Antec or Corsair, that seems to be the extent of good PSUs that I would get in Britain. OCZ and Coolermaster aren't bad, but I on a £500 budget got a good 620W Corsair, so it should be very easy for you to get a good one as well. If you want to be able to crossfire get a 750W as they are the ones that have enough connectors for more than one high end card.

Personally I wouldn't get an SSD now, but OCZ make good ones so if you want one that will be decent. The technology will mature a lot in the next year.
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February 14, 2010 2:02:48 PM

Gigabyte GA-H57M-USB3 H57 thoughts on this mobo.

thanks for the memory and graphics heads up

Sapphire HD 5850 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card includes Dirt2 game voucher


22" Ilyama Might have to buy this from not much selection on Thanks for the help guys.
February 14, 2010 3:04:29 PM

The only things I can think are that the second PCI-E slot is very slow at x4, but then H55 and 57 aren't really meant for systems with crossfiring in mind. They are also designed to utilize some features thst don't come with the i5 750. Which you probably don't need or won't use.
I would go for the cheaper of those two cards and can always OC it to match what MSI have done.