Which monitors to wall mount for gaming nights?

Hi all -

We have weekly gaming nights at our house and a friend build us custom desks so that we can get all 6 people into one room. Problem is, we had to make one desk fold out of the wall. This means that we need a monitor (or 2) that can be wall mounted in less than 2.75" of space including the bracket(that is the max). I can't seem to find measurements of monitors without the stands for testing this, so any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Will be a really cool gaming space if we can ever find the monitors!

Requirements: under $300, under 2.5" wide with cables mounting DOWN (seems silly to make thin monitors with cables mounting outward and taking up space). HMDI preferred, Speakers preferred, a headphone jack a HUGE plus.

Any help?

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  1. if you want ease of mounting then get one that is vesa-mount capable. this is a standard hole pattern which many wall mount brackets fit.

    for a thin monitor the led versions are probably less thick than the ccfl backlit ones.

    if you have a rear facing hdmi port then use a 90 degree hdmi plug. however, most of the monitors i've dealt with are all bottom facing.

    at under $300 you are looking at most likely a tn panel or va panel screen. however i would highly suggest a e-ips screen instead but it might be at the higher end of the budget. its MUCH better for viewing angles which is good because you will not be able to adjust the wall mount by much considering how close to the wall you want to be!

    60hz not 120hz, dvi or hdmi input.

    as far as brands and models i'd stick with a main brand like asus, dell or viewsonic but this is completely up to you. do some searching for some of the things i stated.
  2. Thank you.

    I had planned on VESA and LED, but am having problems actually finding specific models that will fit. It seems like very few manufacturers list depth without the stands... I have gone through two viewsonics that didn't fit. Hoping to quit the guessing about depth :P

    In regards to the ips screen, I looked at a couple, but the measurements again were not listed without stands. Do you know of a thin one you might recommend? The problem here is that a cm or two can make a big difference to fitting correctly.

    As far as the 90 degree plug, that is a good idea, but any ideas how much of the depth this would eat up?

    If $300 is too low to meet my requirements, I am flexible to a degree, but with 6 systems to set up, I can't go too high.
  3. true dimensions are not always listed but why does a few cm matter so much? i could see for width/height but depth??? give a description of why and perhaps there is another option out there for you that will not make you get grey hairs.

    also keep in mind that a vesa stand can eat up a full inch or two of space. depending on what you get. you WANT room around the screen for heat dissapation.

    depends on where the port is. the part that sticks out of the port is the thickness of a standard hdmi head so its as low profile as you can get.
  4. Thanks again for your reply.

    We have a desk that folds out of the wall. It has a frame that is about 2.75" (7cm) thick, that mounts directly against a wall. the desk front(as in where the keyboard will sit), folds down from the frame on a chain. We have already taken heating into account and there is enough room for venting, and we have found a monitor mount that is 1.2cm thick, so that leaves us around 6cm for the actual monitor when the desk is folded up and not in use (the computers and monitors will be off).

    We were looking at one monitor that was 6.5cm thick, which made us almost a full 1.5cm too thick to fold the desk up when not in use. It should be possible to find a smaller monitor, just haven't had much luck as of yet. There is a small amount of room in that 7cm, but not more that 1/2cm without straining the desk closure or risking the monitor.

    If you are wondering why this is so complicated, we live in England and houses are TINY here. We live in an old victorian house and the room is only 8x10 ft so it took a LOT of work to make enough locations so people could join us to game. Right now, we are having to set up the machines and monitors on the folded down desk, game, and then put it all away for the next week. What we want is to be able to turn everything off and simply fold up the desk front so it is all hidden out of sight.
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    2.5 inches thick without stand. i'm sure if you look in different monitor specs you will find one around the 2 inch mark.

    nice thing about viewsonic (especially vp models) is that they have vesa mount. i think all vp models are also at least e-ips but you want to check that yourself.

    you do realize that you can put a thin spacer board between the folding table mount and the wall right? an extra cm or two would solve all your issues and is not going to make a huge difference in terms of room space. this is what i would do.. as folding the table up all the time is going to potentially damage the lcd if it has zero space.
  6. Thank you! That was perfect :)

    I went through that list and found a viewsonic that is right at 2" (the vg2236wm) and is in stock in the uk. It isn't full ips, but since we are only using these once a week for gaming, I think it will be ok (although the monitor for my area will definitely be ips - thanks for the advice).
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