Recommendations for 2 or 3 monitor setup

Hello, I would like some help regarding monitor stands.. I've attached a pic of my setup below

I originally bought a 24" with the plan to upgrade to a larger monitor in the future, but prices never came down (haha).

I can get a second identical monitor on craigslist for $100. The only problem is, my desk isn't big enough for a second monitor.

Would it be better/cheaper to:

1) wall mount the monitors (can high quality wall mounts be had for cheap?).

One reason I'm thinking wall mount is so I can have more desk space. I am also wanting to tilt the monitors vertically (portrait mode), but all of the monitors with tilt capability cost $300


2) triple monitor stand (any recommendations for an affordable stand and would allow me to position monitors in portrait?)

3) get a longer desk? I think I'm gonna need a longer desk regardless of what I choose to go with.. haha

If it's wall mount I'm looking for some recommendations as to brands.

Another question I have is if the difference between 2ms / 5ms monitors is noticeable? I currently have a 5ms.
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  1. How about moving the speakers off your desk? You could wall mount them. Otherwise I don't see a difference between having two monitors on your desk and having a double monitor.

    I wouldn't recommend a wall mount, that would really limit your options in the future. Plus they are a pain to setup.
  2. the speakers need to be at least a foot away from the wall, and positioned at the same level as my ears, + not obstructed. I could get stands but I think those are kind of expensive
  3. Sorry to ask, but then in the 3 monitor setup would the speakers go in front of the monitors?
  4. Well, I think I will need a bigger desk no matter what. But I was thinking, at least with a wall
    Wall mount I can position one screen above the other. I am using for mostly webbrowsing / stock trading.

    What did you mean by wall mounts being limited?
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