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Soyo Topaz s 24 "computer monitor

I have a problem with my 24 " Soyo Topaz S monitor.
The problem is constant flickering (flickers)
I have tried to set the hertz to a higher setting.
The monitore is set at 60 hertz. When i try to change the setting to
75 or 85 hertz, the monitore goes black for 15-20 seconds, I then
click apply and then OK and the setting goes back to the original setting
of 60 hertz.
Any solution ??????????

Regards J.S
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    Have you checked the specs on your monitor? If the specs are limited to 60 Hz, then trying to set it to 75 or 85 Hz will not work.

    From what I read "74.5khz is the highest H freq, 66.7 is the highest V freq." - This may be the reason why.

    Try setting it to 65 Hz.
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