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How important is HDMI?

I'm looking for a 23" monitor for under $200 and I found one I'm interested in. Problem (or not) is that it doesn't have a HDMI connector, only D-sub and DVI. How important is it to have HDMI or is that only used if connecting a gaming console or BD player? My setup will be desktop PC only, no consoles.
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    if you are going to be only hooking it up to a pc look at your video card and what outputs it has. if it has dvi output then you will want a dvi monitor. if it has hdmi output then you will want hdmi output. if you are dead set on using hdmi on dvi or dvi on hdmi be aware that they do make adapter cables so its not really a big deal.

    personally i prefer to use dvi for all my pc monitors and i have a dvi to hdmi cable for hooking up to my tv.
  2. Well my video card has all of them...HDMI, DVI, Display Port. Since I am buying a monitor WITHOUT integrated speakers I guess HDMI would be overkill going to the monitor correct? What is a 'Display Port' connector anyway?
  3. technically either would work in your case.

    personally i would go with dvi, but the choice is yours.

    there can be sound over dvi. my video card supports it.

    dvi cables should also be cheaper than hdmi.

    display port... not entirely sure but i think it is for projectors.
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