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24-27 inch gaming and movies monitor

How's it going looking for the best monitor to get these days, I play fps,mmos and watch movies and shows on the computer. I am wondering if a 3D monitor is worth getting and would like some recommendations, price does not matter just want the best. Also led vs LCD, thank you appreciate the help.
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    LEDs are LCD. LCD refers to the front panel, LED refers to the back lighting.

    Anyway the benefit of LED LCDs are that they turn on faster, and use less energy (about half as much)

    3d isn't really worth the price, as that tech is still changing and whatever you buy will be obsolete in a few years.

    The big choice is if you want IPS or TN.

    IPS has better cooler and a wider viewing angle, but tends to have a little bit of motion blur.

    TN has less motion blur, but the color shifts a little whenever you move your head and the colors won't look as smooth. TN panels are cheaper, and might have a tiny bit of flicker (due to pixel inversion, google it.)

    If you play FPSes competitively go with a TN panel. Otherwise IPS is generally better.

    Dell makes some nice IPS panels like the u2412m, and the slightly better u2410.

    I cannot at this time recommend any 27" panels. For IPS no one has tweaked them enough to get a decent response time, and TN panels over 24" will have very inconsistent color due to the narrow viewing angle.
  2. How about the Alienware OptX AW2310 or Asus VG236H? Any word on them? Thank you. I thought 3D would be interesting for movies, don't really care about gaming in 3D. Also is dell really the best, their computers always have complaitns? Appreciate it.
  3. @MagicPants: I'm also between the IPS n TN ..i'm actually using a Samsung SyncMaster 206BW of 20"...i told people i use Photoshop to draw stuff but i also game a lot (Team Fortress 2,new games) and also see movies in 720p/1080p thou my monitor cant show its true power i guess XD (thou i already have a TV for these bluray movies with my PS3)

    The thing is,sure,IPS cool with colors n angles,but has terrible ghosting+input lag...TN is for massive gaming sacrificing a lil bit the colors..i've got used to them both in my actual monitor and saw newer ones shows better yellow colors (i think..) thou the rest of colouring looks identical in my pics (gotta check the 100% black lineart thou)

    I've been looking at the shop i work at and saw this "ASUS VS247H" monitor..50 Million Contrast,5ms,etc etc...but says it's not that "worth" due to the colour facts n stuff

    ...but then,a newer revision came,the ASUS VS248H,with 2ms response and dunno what else

    We've got the ASUS VS248H for just 163€/$ ..but i was lookin for better? alternatives (we've got BenQ,Samsung...) but of course,DVI is an important thing (coz sure i have HDMI in my 460GTX 1GB,but the cable touches the tower's chassis and ends up not fittingly connected ..thou the screen shown nice)

    Is that monitor worth (ASUS VS248H) or does it still have the same probs as the 247H version?...should i look for another Samsung monitor with DVI or something or...?..i just want a newer monitor that beats the crap out of my actual one,but i'm just trying to make sure it'll work for a long,LONG TIME n stuff
  4. DV2, ghosting isn't that bad on an IPS unless your talking about circa 2003 panels. Yes there is a tiny bit of blur, but it's maybe 1/10th the blur of the standard in-game motion blur effect I've seen in Crysis, The Witcher 2, or Just Cause 2.

    As for input lag, give credit were it's due many of the panels with the lowest lag are IPS panels. The u2312hm, an IPS panel, is even competitive against CRTs.

    Giants84, Dell's ultrasharp line is high quality, same as their alienware line. Though, I won't vouch for the rest of their monitors.

    I have an Alienware OptX AW2310 it's in storage, the colors looked like they were in sepia tone.

    HP uses too much AR coating.
    Samsung has an awful IPS stand in they call PLS, and they charge too much for TN.
    NEC costs too much, and has too much input lag.
    Apple is going thunderbolt, so good luck getting it to work on a PC
    Asus is okay, they are just getting into IPS, their upcoming 27" panel might be good.
  5. Thanks appreciate the help, the issue with the dell monitor is that it's 1920x1200 wont i have black bars when i watch HD movies and blu-ray etc? Thank you again.
  6. Yes a 16:10 monitor will have black bars when showing 16:9 video. If that really bothers you go 16:9.

    Every monitor has some sort of issue, figure out which ones bother you and buy accordingly. That said, some issues tend to group together so trade-offs are involved.

    You might try reading through some reviews on that would give you a broader view of the issues.
  7. Thanks i read on their website that the dell u2410 has a MS of 14 or so, which is not good for gaming from what i know?
  8. Their website says 6ms response time for the u2410. Generally anything below 8 is good. Keep in mind this is always "best case" response times. There tends to be less of a difference between tech at the worst case.

    Where TN helps is if you are playing a very twitch FPS with a high sensitivity mouse. Players who whip around, turning 180 degrees in a tenth of a second, may be bothered by ghosting. It's something most people don't see because our brains filter it out, but it does bother a few people.

    IPS panels are easier to look at for long periods of time. The image is more stable, more colorful, and doesn't shift when you move your head. You'll all notice smoother colors in gradients like the sky and lighting effects.

    There's nothing wrong with going TN. If you don't know you want IPS then don't spend the extra cash.

    Personally, I've owned 2 TN panels in my life and couldn't stand either one more than about 6 months before replacing it with an IPS (or PVA).
  9. Appreciate all the help, thank you. Any recommendations on a 16:9 monitor, i mean i watch a lot of movies/tv shows on the computer would the black bars be annoying? Thank you again.
  10. Hey again any idea how this monitor is Thank you.
  11. Well if price isn't an issue, there's always the dell u2711. It's a 27" IPS 16:9 panel, that most people seem to love. The only downside is that is has about 24ms of input lag (not response time). That's not bad mind you, but it's average at best.

    Checking online, the VX2753mh-LED is okay, it's nothing special performance wise, but seems to be a good value for the money.

    I have an HP zr2740w. It's a good value, but it's response time is a bit high at 12ms, and the AR coating is a little over the top. If you can wait, both Asus and LG are coming out with new 27" IPS panels. The LG one is also 3d and 120hz.
  12. Thanks i appreciate the help, i decided 3D is not what i want most likely though, keep hearing it gives you headaches and is bad for your eyes. The issue i have is finding a good 16:9 monitor, it seems like people are saying that a lot of games are going 16:9 now and we know that tv shows/movies maybe will have black bars on it. Any advice on a 16:9 monitor, best money can buy lol? Thank you so much again i really appreciate all your help.
  13. @MagicPants: Will the ASUS VS248H be worth the money?..heard good stuff about it (amazon,newegg,youtube users...)
  14. DV2 said:
    @MagicPants: Will the ASUS VS248H be worth the money?..heard good stuff about it (amazon,newegg,youtube users...)

    I can't say first hand, but it seems good for the price. It's not a super deal because occasionally you'll find monitors with similar specs for under $150. But it's not bad and it's bound to be one of the better TN panels. All I can say is I would put it on my list if I was looking for a good 24" TN panel.
  15. This is the ONLY "Pro" review of it,sadly ...

    However,the old model,the VS247H,wasnt that good so this site says

    Again,Amazon and Newegg n other sites says "Great"...
  16. I like the digitalversus reviews a lot better than the bestgamingmonitor one.

    Best gaming monitor looks like they only do tests a consumer could do while digitalversus goes a little deeper. I still like tftcentral best for monitor reviews but these are pretty interesting.

    I'd also note that tftcentral and digitalversus have conflicting opinions on the u2410 and the u2412m.
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