Samsung S23A700D backlight bleeding

hi all,

I recently bought this 120hz monitor.

It had to return one copy of it cause it had some clouding and a white spot in the middle of the screen, had something to do with the leds (it was no stuck or dead pixel).

Got a new one and had no big issues with it but i just discovered a small dead pixel in the taskbar not annyoing, also after a hour the monitor is turned on a small white spot just like the previous monitor starts to appear but when not looking at it it is not that big deal. But the main thing I noticed in games/movies was the backlight bleeding.

My question is; is this acceptable or should i return this monitor for the second time also because of the other things.

Sorry for bad quality.

Thanks !
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  1. Dead pixels aren't acceptable in my opinion. Especially if you just bought the monitor. Seems like there are some quality control issues with those monitors. I'd return it and go for something different.
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