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Hi everyone, Im looking for THE BEST monitor out there for gaming.

I have been looking at 3D 120Hz monitors, and most of them have at least one purchase breaking issue.

If I get a standard 60Hz monitor I want it to be a IPS monitor for great color accuracy. If I buy a IPS monitor it must be very low response time (2-5ms).

I don't necessarily need the 3D vision kit unless it comes with the monitor. I'll be using mainly just 120Hz 2D mode for gaming and anything else.

Any help is welcome and so far this is what im looking at.

Best 120Hz monitor - Asus VG236HE - $310 -

Best 60Hz IPS Monitor - Dell U2410 - $500 -

So what do you guys think?
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  1. If you go IPS, look at the u2412m or the u2312hm. They have better response times and less lag than the u2410.

    The asus seems fine for a 120hz monitor(not vastly overpriced). Just be sure to get some input lag numbers.
  2. I am currently debating a very similar issue. I'm looking for THE BEST monitor I can find period for mostly playing games and some workstation tasks. The problem seems to be that they don't make a 120hz IPS panel with a 2ms response time. I currently have a Samsung sa27950D which I absolutely love, but I have a second pc for my son and I will either slide my existing one to him or the new one depending on which I prefer. The question is, will I enjoy the vibrant colors and increased resolution of something like the Dell U2711 better than the 120hz frame rates I can achieve with my dual GTX 580's? I'm having trouble finding an IPS monitor I can put my eyes on in a store like best buy. Any help from someone who knows monitors is greatly appreciated. I know there are lots of forums on this topic, but there doesn't appear to be a definitive answer and it may just come down to personal preference and I can understand if that's it. Just hate to dump out the money for IPS if I won't be happy with it and hate to buy even a small IPS instead of a large one if I will really love it.
  3. If you want to see an IPS, go to an Apple store and look at the Cinema displays.
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