Best 23 or 27 " 120hz for smooth 2d video

I am in the market for a new monitor,
I want either 23 or 27 sort of size, mainly i want to get smooth video but will use it for flightsim, occasional xbox 360 etc as well as internet.
I am not bothered about 3d but i know that to get 120hz it will have to be 3d,
so my question is
what is the best in terms of smooth video playback and general good alrounder 120hz monitor out there? ( don't care about the 3d and certainly would not want to pay more for the 3d glasses )

In addition to that my graphics card a Radeon HD 5670 with Dual DVI-I capability will be suitable for 120hz?
If a monitor says dual DVI-D connection is it suitable for a dual DVI-I graphics card such as mine?

Thanks in advance, hope it makes sense.
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  1. Some more details to add;
    Phenom II x6 1100t black
    Crosshair IV motherboard
    8gb Corsair RAM
    1tb Western digital hdd
    700w OCZ power supply
    ATI RADEON 5670

    Have been looking at 23/24 120hz
    thinking the Alienware AW2310
    or the Acer GD245HQ - bit put off by the reported buzzing issue on white backgrounds at 120hz ?!?

    but to be honest would rather have something a bit bigger 27 for watching films etc. but seems harder to find a 27 with good reviews, would appreciate feedback on a good 27 but if they are not as good the best 23" just want it to be smooth!
  2. Samsung S27A750D is the best gaming monitor on the market. If you don't have a DisplayPort on your graphic card get the S27A950D
  3. Ordered the 950 only because of no dp on Radeon 5670
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