USB or HDMI connection to VGA monitor?

So here's my deal: I have an HP G72 Biscotti laptop with a cracked screen. Sorta works, but not very well. Halfway not there.

We've been using the serial port connection to hook up an old clunky monitor, and that was working fine, until...

...through use and abuse, the serial connector in my laptop is on it's last legs (outputting funny colors, have to fiddle with it, etc).

My question is this: Considering my VERY limited budget, can I buy a cable to go from one of the laptop's USB ports or HDMI connection and run the old monitor from it? I know the real answer would be replace the screen, but I'm looking for a low cost stop-gap measure for now!


- Jim
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  1. If your monitor has a digital input then yes you can easily find an HDMI to (whatever digital input monitor has).

    If it only has an analog input then you'd have to buy a converter in order to convert the digital signal to an analog one.
  2. Thanks, skaz...What about a USB port? I see USB to serial cables for sale, would this work?
  3. You're not using a serial port, it's a VGA port. Serial has two rows of pins, VGA has 3.

    If your monitor has a DVI port, get a cable like this

    If not, you'll be stuck with a USB video card, they are NOT just USB to VGA cables, they are actually external video cards that pretty much run in software mode, making them pretty slow.
  4. jhilyer1 said:
    Thanks, skaz...What about a USB port? I see USB to serial cables for sale, would this work?

    With your thread title I'm assuming you have a DE-15 connector (VGA) and not a DE-9 connector (Serial port). In order to transmit any video via a digital output like DVI, USB, HDMI, to an analog input like VGA you would need a converter.
  5. Yeah, hang-the-9, I think that's the way I'd have to go. Thanks everyone!
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