LED monitor dilemma

Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy a new 24" LED monitor this Christmas and have narrowed it down to these three:




I will be using the monitor primarily for gaming, personally i was leaning towards the second monitor due to its contrast ratio. I was wondering if you guys had any opinions you could submit to help my decision? Also, if you have any other monitors that you think i should consider, please let me know, baring in mind that i live in the UK :)

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Personally I'd stick with the Samsung monitor. We had several -various models- in the company; never a problem.
  2. Awesome :)

    Obviously i care about reliability, but does anyone have any comments on the quality of the 3 monitors? :)
  3. You will need to read the user comments to find out about any flaws. They are all pretty much low end monitors.
  4. Well I've done a lot of looking through reviews etc. and have decided it's between these two:



    Both have great reviews so its just a matter of picking the one that is better, although they both look pretty equal, one has higher contrast ratio whilst the other has a faster response time. So in the interest of gaming, which do you think takes the lead?
  5. Anyone? It's nearly buying time! :P
  6. Well I'm buying it tomorrow, and I'm going with this one:


    Would be nice if anyone voiced concerns/praise for this monitor before buying :)
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