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I've been using a Samsung Syncmaster 226BW for several years now, and I want to buy a second monitor for a dual-monitor setup for gaming (game on one monitor, website on another. Or two games on the two monitors, etc). I've run into two problems thus far.

My old syncmaster can only display max resolution of 1680x1050, and that's in aspect ratio of 16:10. But all the monitors on the market right now are 16:9 aspect ratio with resolutions of 1920x1080. I haven't used a dual-monitor setup before, but what I've been able to research is that both monitors will have to be in the same resolution, since they'll just be displaying the same desktop.

So how would that work if the two monitors have different aspect ratios? Is there no way to make them both working in their native resolutions at the same time? Some kind of software driver or something to do that?

My second problem is desk space. I can't fit both monitors side by side on my desk, I simply don't have enough room. But I know there are stands out there that can put one monitor atop the other, and I looked them up on newegg and my jaw hit my keyboard. They cost more than the monitor itself! There's one for $250, and that's on sale! Surely I must be looking in the wrong place or something? That's probably for corporate business right? And consumer type stands are reasonably priced?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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  1. Both monitors do NOT have to be the same resolution, and you do NOT have to have them displaying the same desktop. Unless that's what you want it for, but bit of a waste since you already contradicted what you wanted to use it for. If you want to play games on one and keep a web site on another, what good will this do you if you will only display the same thing? Any video card with dual outputs can run two monitors at different resolutions. I'm running a 20" and a 19" monitor right now on different resolutions.

    You can probably find a used 226BW somewhere though to match. Would be a better looking solution also.

    Dual-monitor stands are pretty pricy, usually much more than a single monitor if you look at the good vendors that supply business. Try this thing
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