£ 1500 - £ 2000 Gaming System

Hello all, first post so bear with me.

Looking to buy the new system at the start of the new year. Looking for a £1500 - £2000 gaming system, after tax.

The system will be used primarily for gaming (latest first person shooters and real time strategy games, also maybe simulations)
Want to run all games on highest possibe settings.
In addition will be used to download films/music, surf the web, University work, etc.

I have a system already but have plans for it so need everything - Monitor, speakers, good gaming keyboard & mouse, headset & microphone
- everything.

I'm in the UK, not sure about any preferences for parts - maybe Scan, Dabs, Overclockers, really not sure, you guys will know best.

I would appreciate advice on parts obviously. But think I want to go down the i7 route, x58 board, Radeon cards, fast ram, fast hard-drive.
But like I say i'm open to suggestions.

Overclocking - Yes. / SLI or Crossfire - Yes/maybe

As for the monitor, 22" - 24" is fine. Not sure about resolutions but want to play games on highest settings with good frame rate.

In addition the system must be very quiet, everything should be predominantly black - look cool, but not necessarily flashy.

** In addition - something I know little about - could some one give me some advice on buying/building a server to host my favourite games? - Is it possible from a good home internet connection? Is a seperate line required?

Listen - to whoever gets back to me - I really appreciate your time in reading this. Any help you can offer would be fantastic.

Many thanks.
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  1. Thanks so much for your input build. I've already read all the reviews on the parts you suggested.

    Can I ask though, when is this 5970 out? I have the budget for the first time in my life to get what I want - is it worth going for? Should I get a more powerful processor because I can? Or is it money wasted?

    Any input would be fantastic.
  2. if i had your money and was getting a new rig i would probably go the 5970 route :)
  3. i7 920 is everything you need-anything above that is wasted Euros. Get the 5970. You may want a better Monitor if you want maxe resolutions. (2560-1600)

    Definately go Antec 1200.

    Get duel spinpoint HDD's for RAID 0
    or get an SSD if you really feel adventurous, and 1 spinpoint.

    And for PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139007
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