No sound from samsung monitor speakers

I just recently bought a Samsung T23A950 Monitor/TV (see link below) to hook up to my Sony F series laptop.

I have the monitor connected using the HDMI cable that came with it. Its plugged into the first HDMI port on my monitor (labeled DVI, whereas the second port is labeled ARC). The picture and display work fine, but there is no sound coming from the monitor speakers...

I tested the speakers while using the monitor as a TV (hooked up to cable) and the speakers work fine.

The strange thing is that in Control Panel, it lists my laptop's built-in speakers as using RealTek Audio drivers while the monitor speakers are using Nvidia High Def Audio. And when I click "Test" for my monitor speakers, the green bars show up but no sound comes out.

I have no idea what to do...and Samsung tech support was useless so I would greatly appreciate any help.
My graphic card is a Geforce 330M, in case that would help.

Link To Monitor:


EDIT: Ok I now realized (after looking in the monitor manual) that apparently the monitor requires a provided stereo cable to be plugged in as well as an HDMI for both video and my laptop has a combined headphone out / optical out port but when I use the monitor's stereo cable for this, there is no sound from its speakers (apart from some noise). I don't know how I can connect an optical out (that looks like a standard headphone jack) to a stereo please?
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  1. did you ever get this issue fixed? I seem to be having the same problem
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    I know this is old, but I saw this question when I was trying to figure out the same thing for my samsung monitor... but I found the solution:

    well, you have the HDMI setting set as PC-DVI. Digitial video is ONLY video. Even though it is HDMI, it's still going to only transmit video. To fix this, you have to set the HDMI setting to AV. This will give your monitor sound. You may notice that your desktop resolution is all messed up now... but go to your SIZE & POSITION menu when you press the menu button on your monitor and change the Image Size to Screen Fit, that should fix it.

    So, press the MENU button on your monitor, go to SETUP&RESET then go to PC/AV mode and change the HDMI settings to AV then go back and go to SIZE&POSITION and change the Image Size to Screen Fit (unless it isn't messed up, don't do anything.) and there you go. A monitor that receives video and audio input.
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