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£600 approx gaming PC MMO and FPS

Last response: in Systems
November 12, 2009 10:07:13 AM

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Within the next month

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: MMO's specifically Aion maxed, and a decent GPU for any new first person shooters.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers



OVERCLOCKING: Defo on CPU, poss on RAM and GPU



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: This will be my 2nd build, for my cousin. First was using AMD CPU and ATI card, overclocked RAM and CPU. He wants to spend around £600 and he wants his PC to be better than mine lol. The parts i picked out as a rough idea are as follows:

Case Antec 300 £39.99
CPU AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition 3.1GHz 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 Retail Boxed Processor £73.74
GPU Sapphire HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 Dual DVI, HDMI Display Port PCI-E Graphics Card £130.61
PSU - Corsair 650W TX Series PSU - 120mm Fan, 80+% Efficiency, Single +12V Rail £69.00
Mobo Sapphire PC-AM2RS790GX 790GX Socket AM2+ onboard graphics 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard £78.55
RAM OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 1066MHz/PC2-8500 Gold Memory £94.99
HSF Scythe Shuriken Quiet Low Profile Socket 1366, 478, 775, 754, 939, AM2, AM3 Processor Cooler 24.82

Total £511.70 which leaves a few quid spare for an OS and some flashy neon case fans.

Case is pretty much non negotiable as i really like the Antec 300 and i cant see anything beating it for Value. The CPU id like to try and clock to 3.7 and unlock the other 2 cores which i saw that you could do with the right motherboard. to suggestions i just picked the current most popular on Ebuyer. The RAM is a concern.. I've gone 1066Mhz as i seem to remember that speed works better with the Phenom 2's....but its been a while and it seems hellish expensive. Should i just stick with the 800 MHz which can be picked up for 35-40 quid?
The PSU is probably overkill going on what i read about the GPU being low draw, but he would like the option to xfire, and id prefer to work with a single rail.

Comments appreciated, thanks in advance.

Edit: Ow yea we got the HDD / Media drives sorted too so just need opinions on the parts above please.
November 13, 2009 11:45:24 AM

39 views and not one suggestion? :s
November 13, 2009 12:03:11 PM

if u r OC ur CPU i'd go for a quad core. games will eventually take advantage of all cores.
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November 13, 2009 1:00:40 PM

Well thanks for the response at least.
The idea is i use the mobo / CPU combination to unlock the other 2 cores on the effectively it will be an OC'd Quad Core.
November 14, 2009 1:19:13 AM

Bump...still hoping for some advice...
November 15, 2009 12:08:34 PM

Well....this place has gone downhill eh
November 15, 2009 1:35:20 PM

also if you sign up at the hexus forums and get >20 posts scan give you free delivery
November 15, 2009 5:26:07 PM

lol - I see what you were saying over in the UK general section now. A couple of years ago and you would have had at least 100+ replies.
November 15, 2009 5:52:56 PM

If you are getting a discrete graphics card, get a mobo without onboard video. Drop down to a 400w PSU if you are not going to crossfire.