How can I monitor printer with audio prompt?

Working with a bar POS system the bartenders have a dedicated receipt printer for server orders. They are having trouble checking if an order came in and would like some sort of audible alert. Windows soundevents do not work (XP) and the system is using generic drivers (both as recommendation by Software developers n failed attempts to install "official" drivers).

Any way I can trigger a wav/mp3 file or a generic system beep when the printer is called upon?? There are two printers connected to this computer, but only one is needed for this task. The printer is an Espon TM-T88IV and the computer it is connected to is running XP.
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  1. Can you use a batch file? If so, then this may work.
  2. Go to system prefernces and then to document settings tab. Under the send commands for each item check the box that says send command and then in the box below, enter 1B 70 30 31 39 Hit apply and Thank me later. remember the single space between each two characters.
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