I am looking into getting a new monitor and is there any noticeable difference between HMDI and DVI?
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  1. No but you can't get audio though DVI. And there may be an issue with some protected play-back. If your video card has HDMI output, I'd get an HDMI monitor to cover all bases.
  2. Thank You

    What about response time 2ms vs 5ms, is the 5 superior to the 2? I will be doing alot of movie watching and a bit of gaming
  3. Will not be any difference. Most response times like contract ratio, are not very true ratings, manufacturers tend to measure different things. Anything around 10ms is pretty much undetectable.
  4. For games, the lower the response times the better, generally speaking. There is no real difference between 2ms and 5ms. Some people can tell the difference while others can't. In a nutshell, the lower the response time, the less likely you will see ghosting issues.
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