27 inch Hi def 1080p monitor around 300 or less

back in may i came here and was recommended a great 23in monitor and after switching to this i had the pleasant surprise of finding out that my favorite adult film star had leg freckles and i couldnt make out those freckles on the last four 27inch monitors i bought and sent back so Im coming here to get another Great recommendation, i cant figure out a good one on my own and would appreciate some help:

im looking for a PC monitor with the following:
27 In. or bigger
Around $300 or less. max of $350
1080p Hi Def
Multiple Display ports - HDMI, DVI, VGA. and possibly RCA or RGB you know something i could hook up my 360 to would be a huge plus
Great for both gaming and watching hi def blu ray movies
nothing glossy - I have my pc setup opposite of my windows so i'd appreciate something that i wouldn't have to struggle to see during the day
User Friendly - i couldnt leave my 2nd 27incher on cause a bouncing logo came on whenever i turned my pc off or put it to sleep, that was a deal breaker long b4 i found out about the absence of real HD display.

Being mountable would be a plus
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  1. Asus VK278Q Black 27" = $340


    Use promo code EMCJHKB47 for $60 discount = $280. Expires 12/14/2011.
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