Laptop wont idnetify external monitor

I am trying to connect my external monitor to my laptop(vga cable) but the laptor wont connect to the monitor. The monitor feels that theres a cable but just goes in to sleep mode. it works to force the laptop to send signals but then it cant identify the monitor so i cant change to the correct resolution. it worked last time i tried (half a year ago) but wont work now. I have tried switching end of cable, blowing out dust, reconnecting the cable, restarting the laptop, restarting the monitor, installing monitor drivers, reverting graphics card driver back a year, but nothing have worked and now im out of ideas.
Any help would be apreciated.

Edit: and i have no idea how i posted 2 threads, i only clicked once
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  1. update, i tried to start in safe mode and then it worked to switch to the other monitors
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