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I have two slots for a DVI connection and two slots for a vga connection, only the bottom vga connector seems to provide me out put. I have plugged the second monitor into the other two DVI slots and remaining VGA slot to no avail. It does however when plugged in gives me the option in the display screen to extend my monitor but when i select that option i am still unable to get anything from the 2nd monitor.fyi... the 1st and 2nd monitor both work in the primary VGA slot. I have tried to go into the BIOS and change the settings to onboard as oppose to dpi. Please help
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  1. well first off i'd say put the bios settings back to however they were stock so we can check that off the problem.

    next we will assume that your video card works perfectly. if its not it could be causing problems but for now we will ignore that option.

    have the second monitors input to either the source (was dvi-d on mine) or auto or just scroll through when you get to the point.

    when you connect the monitor you will want to choose the setting "extend my windows desktop onto this monitor (#2 monitor)" and then if you have no image fiddle with the input source using the monitors on-face controls

    you might want to swap cables around too to test if its a bad cable.
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