Best Monitor for ~ £400

Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a new monitor, I have in the region of £400 to spend, give or take. My primary use will be gaming, followed by general browsing, won't be using it much for films etc. I'd like a 24''-27'' screen, with at least 1080 resolution, although I think they all manage that these days. Panel-wise, I'm not that up to date with things, but I hear IPS is a good choice, opinions?

PC Specs:

i7 920 @ 4.0Ghz Liquid cooled
9Gb ram
SLI GTX 275 896Mbs
OCZ Vertex 2E
1Tb Spinpoint F1
Enermax Galaxy 1kw

Now I know that my GPU's will limit the res I can game at, but I don't get the chance to upgrade too often so they'll have to wait. I'm coming from a fairly old (4 years) 20'' HP screen that has served me great, but is now on the way out. I've been looking at a 24'' Dell ultrasharp, or a 27'' Hazro IPS screen, but am not sure how people rate these. The hazro screen has a huge resolution but would be a great investment for a new GPU.

So - any ideas, suggestions or opinions would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Best monitor for ~£400?
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