Dell U2711 or Asus vg278h

I cant really decided between the two since they both are pretty much at the same price range can any one help me decide which one to go for

I've never have seen Nvidia 3d vision in my life although I have heard so many good things about it so I'm kinda pushing that way. On the other hand the resolution on the dell U2711 monitor is awesome. Either way both of these monitors destroy the piece of crap HP 2009M monitor I'm using

I am also just going to game on my computer mainly and watch movies which would give me the overall better experience considering i have never used or seen any of these monitors, also my local stores do not have either of them for viewing so I can only take advice.

PC specs
Intel i5 2500k @ 4.7 GHZ
ASUS Sabertooth p67
12gb Kingston hyperx black ddr3 1600MHZ
2x GTX 570s in SLI
7200 rpm hd
Cooler master GX750W
Cooler master Haf 922
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  1. You might make it a point to go out and see 3d vision first hand.

    I have a 3d panel at home I don't use very often. 3d is fun for about 30 minutes at a time but then after that, I really started to feel eye strain. Once I was using it every day, I could go for about an hour, but not more than that.

    I think a lot of the problem is that the nVidia glasses were designed by some sort of medieval torturer, they are by far the least comfortable eyes I have ever worn.

    3d also lowers your performance in games because your eyes need to re-converge as they move from object to object.

    So... 3d vision works the best for short session games that aren't competitive and where mood is more important than performance. Pretty much the "Left 4 Dead" series and things like it.

    It's cool for a lot of other things, my favorite 3d game is Just Cause 2.

    I wouldn't want to play a long RPG in 3d.

    Games I know of that don't work in 3d are Rage, GTA IV, Divinity 2.

    I'd vote for the u2711. Imho 3d is worth about $100, not the $350 premium they are charging.
  2. the 3d vision 2 glasses are suppose to be alot more comfortable and yea I was thinking the same thing I think I might go for a projector in the future and get the U2711 unless anyone has another opinion as to why I should go for the ASUS VG278h this almost is 1000 dollars both ways and I don't want to be regretting the money I spend and like i said no place in my city has it on show case let alone 120hz monitors
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