Samsung monitor - power saving mode with VGA to DVI?

Please help me. I have a Windows 7 64 Ultimate operating system, and a Radeon HD 6870 video card. I purchased two Samsung Syncmaster SA300 23" LED monitors for Black Friday.

Both work when connected straight DVI. However, I don't have a second DVI cable. They only came with a VGA. Hooked up with VGA to DVI, neither one will display picture - it goes into power saving mode.

I've spoken to a supervisor of technical support at Samsung, and was told they can literally not help me. So because the company that makes the monitor knows nothing, I come here.

I have made sure all of the cables, adapter, video card, etc. are functional. There is just something this monitor (or my card with an LED monitor) hates about analog to digital conversion I guess. Bear in mind I disconnected a 22" ASUS LCD monitor to connect this one with the exact same configuration, and it worked flawlessly. Tried another monitor, same. Swapped ports, etc.

Please help me, I'm shaking I'm so frustrated. I do not mind purchasing another cable, I am ordering one now. I'm just wondering if it will even work then. I tried to search the forum before posting, but I did not have much luck.
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  1. Solved my issue by flipping the connections on the video card. Please lock the thread.
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