What would be the best 27" 1080p Monitor for Xbox360?

What is the best 27inch 1080p 16.9 Monitor For my xbox360 in the UK 2011, It will be for 100% Xbox360 use, so need great Response time and Low imput Lag. I recently bought a 37" Panasonic LCD 1080p HDTV but the picture quality was awful so I took it back and got 32" LED Samsung HDTV Full 1080p but I find the Response time to be slow and notice Ghosting which drives me insane and kills my joy for gaming with eye sore, Please could you help me make the right choice with 3rd attempt. :ouch:

The Monitor ive been looking at after research is the ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED-27inch, It has 1ms response time with 3 optional modes to have 2ms and 5ms, Has ok viewing angles and good Contrast Ratios, the speakers don't sound that great reading reviews but I would pick up some external speakers if they are too bad. But the thing is I keep reading reviews and seeing horror storys of the colours being washed out, But with a good Graphics card seems can change that, But as I will be useing it for pure Xbox360 100% of the time, Im worried that the colours would be washed out?

So is this a Great Monitor for Xbox360 Gaming?, Or what 27" Monitor is the Best for 100% Xbox360 Gaming?

Also it will be used for every day use and Long Gaming sessions so must be Reliable

Please any help Would be Great. Thanks! :)
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  1. in general screens of the same resolution will look more clear at a smaller size. for instance a 32" 1920x1080 tv should look sharper than a 37" 1920x1080 tv provided they are of the same panel type and at the same settings. this could be one reason why the image isnt as sharp as you expected. another reason might be that you're trying to view 720p content which will not look as sharp as 1080p content. another possible reason might be how you are connecting the screens to the x360.

    you might want to take a look at panel types for tvs and see which fits your needs. different panel technologies can definitely have a huge effect on colors and viewing angles. i know that the best for pc monitors is S-IPS, and i believe it is available for televisions too but there might be some other solutions out there you want to look into.

    is the source from the x360 at 60hz? if so then you might have issues with 120/240hz televisions. you might need to run them in 60hz mode if there is excessive input lag.

    personally i prefer sony televisions myself. they are one of the few models that you can get parts for. vizio, olevia, sharp, panasonic and a few others are more trouble than they are worth when they break. the samsungs do look nice but i've heard (not sure how true it is) that the new samsungs have a higher than average failure rate. as far as viewsonic, i'll gladly buy another pc monitor from them but i'm not sure about tvs. it sounds like you're looking at a cheap model with a lower quality panel (washed out colors) or someone has the brightness and contrast settings screwed up.

    you didnt name a budget.

    i use my sony for about 5 hours a day and its been going strong for about 3.5 years so far.

    as far as a recommendation...look for a product that fits your needs, read reviews, see it in person. if it were me i'd be looking at the older sony 60hz models...but your call. you can get a 40" for like $600 nowdays. (since 60hz is being phased out it seems).
  2. Hi Thanks for the Reply, My budget is around 400 GBP as I Just want it to do one Job the Xbox360, and have the Samsung for watching tv. Im currently Connecting my Xbox360 Via HDMI in 1080p on the 32" Samsung, 1080p is the Native resolution of the Samsung, I've tryed renameing the Imput to PC mode but still it Ghosts, also tryed Vga, It is 100hz the tv and no way to switch it to 60hz but the tv seems to come up as 60hz when selecting xbox. Also tryed the Game Mode but still the response time is not fast enough so this is why Im looking for a Monitor for my gaming, I played on a 22inch Philips before 720p so the smaller screen wont bother me too much, 27" would be good.

    I was Looking into the IPS panels dell have a good one out but I read that the IPS panels are not great for Response times 8ms, im not sure how badly that will effect Xbox gaming.
  3. Quote:
    How do u think about this Samsung 27" 1080p LED LCD Display for $240.
    SEEMS a nice choice. HOpe u find the best bet. Good luck.

    Hi Thanks for the help I've just looked at the Samsung and that does seem like a very good choice just doing research on it now, Im down to three choices now well unless something else pops up

    ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED

    ASUS VE278Q

    And that Samsung S27A350H

    Hmn now which one would be the best for Xbox 360 Gaming :)
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