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60hz vs 120hz for Gaming Monitor!

Hi, I just got my new PC with an Asus gtx 570 (OC'd), Intel i5 2500k @ 4.4GHz, 8Gbs of 1333MHz DDR3 memory, etc. Currently I don't own a monitor and have been using my HDTV as one. My three options for monitors are the Asus Vh232h ($215), an HP 2310m ($200) and an Acer Gd235hz ($369). The first two are decent and run at 60Hz, and the third one has 3D and runs at 120Hz.

My question is: Is it really worth spending about $200 dollars more for the extra Hz if I will be playing games like Skyrim, BF3, The Witcher 2, Fallout NV, etc? Thanks :D.
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  1. depends how picky you are... 120hz refresh rate is a noticeable upgraed IF the game allows for more than 60 fps... going forward I would say that it would be worth spending the money now on something that will become more and more useful to you. There are not many options though at the 120hz level at this time.
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    Yea, it isnt' something you are really likely to notice a LACK of. If you have them side by side, you could probably tell the difference, but if you get one without the 120hz, you will likely be just fine and never feel like you got a bad deal.

    To comment on your choices though, the HP2311m is actually on sale at Staples right now for $100. There are coupons for $25 off as well that you can acquire. But thats only for online (the $25 coupon i mean) and they are mostly out of stock. They get some more in stock, and it goes back out of stock. But you can probably find one in store somewhere nearby. maybe. It'll be on sale during BF as well.
    Just a heads up for ya.
  3. Well, I live in Mexico so thats why my options are so limited and pricey =P. Thanks for the recommendation though. By the way, if you had to choose between the HP or the Asus monitor, which one would you pick?
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