Looking for a decent 24" gaming monitor (£150 budget)


I'm looking for a decent 24" gaming monitor for my new PC. I've been looking at getting the ASUS ML248H, however, i can't really afford it on my budget :fou: Also, it doesn't seem to have too many great reviews on multiple sites.

Are there any decent sub £150 gaming monitors out there that are good quality with good response times? And maybe even an IPS monitor if there is one i can grab at that price??

Cheers, Steve
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  1. ASUS ML248H

    Is a very nice monitor ^
  2. Any other monitors guys?

    I'm still open to suggestions, even if they aren't necessarily IPS Panels :D
  3. Hi there
    well to start IPS monitors are hard to get for bellow £150 and TN panels are a pain because of low viewing angles and bad colour reproduction compared to IPS one's this being said if you are planing on just gaming then take alook at this


    but if your budget could stretch a little further then i would recommend this asus one

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