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For anyone considering to buy a 17inch monitor, do NOT buy the viewsonic ps775 it is not worth any penny. Unfortunately, I bought one and had it checked out to make sure nothing was wrong with it and nothing was. The text picture quality of the monitor is fuzzy and despite its 100hz refresh rate at 1024 x 768 res, it easy induces eyestrain and headaches to the viewer. Please save u'rself the trouble and DO NOT BUY THIS MONITOR.

just helpin out,
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  1. I agree with dejacky that the Viewsonic PS775 is not any good. I ordered one from Dell, they had the cheapest price, and the sides were bowed and crooked. I tried for 10 days to adjust it with the many controls on it and nothing could get it straight. I called Dell and they shipped it back for free. I bought an LCD from Staples. It is much better. The brand was NEC.
  2. We bought one back in July 1999 and am now just looking to replace it. It had given no problems for almost 12 years, during which the PC was changed out several times. Really liked the short depth feature of it when I got it and would continue to use it even with more compact LCD monitors out now, but one of the colors has failed and I assume it would cost more to fix then to replace. :(
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