Alienware OptX AW2310 23" few questions about it

Well i just ordered a Alienware OptX AW2310 23" its being shipped should be here by the Nov 13th. Well here are my questions
1. can i run bf3 & with just a oc'd asus 6950 dcuII 2gb at 120hz ?
2. i read alot about 120hz monitors not working at full 120 hz because of issues what are these ? (Main issues)
3. This monitor does not come with 3d glasses XD what would be a good buy?
4. should i run vsync on at all times when 120hz 1920X1080p gaming ?
5. Finally the last one do i need to get a second video card to get the ultimate performance out of my monitor and them some

DeathBoX Setup:
CPU: 2500k @ 4.7ghz
GPU: asus radeon hd 6950
Motherboard: asus sabertooth p67
Cpu Cooler: noctua NH-c14
RAM: 12gb kingston hyper x black series
Case: cooler master haf 922
PSU: cooler master gx 750w
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  1. No one has a opinion on this it would be much appreciated
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    I have one, here's what I know:

    1) No idea, probably not.
    2) Some games (Rage comes to mind) always select 60hz, most do not and 120hz works fine.
    3) No idea. I think it was originally made for nVidia's 3d vision.
    4) Yes, so you won't get tearing. There aren't many games that will go over 120hz anyway.
    5) It doesn't hurt. I run 2 580GTX's in sli. But you'll still see a big benefit even without it.
  3. How will i know wich game will support 120hz or not. Will I have to be switching from 120hz to 60hz from ccc or from the game or does it switch up by its self if the game cant support the 120hz
  4. and also i got bf3 on high and im getting about 110fps
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