Monitor native max resolution and GPU question.

HI guys. I am planning of getting the best gaming monitor for my new build desktop and im just curious to ask...

I see that most 3D monitors, like recent 27" comes with native max resolution of 1900x1080, my Question is would an AMD 6990+ creat better viewing (image, 3D etc...) with the monitors with higher native max resulotion like 2600x1400?

if i set my settings at 1900x1200 and my monitor has native 1900x1080 would it run better with native 1900x1200 or it doesn't have affect at ALL or it all depends on GPU capability?
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  1. sorry guys dumb question! its irrelavant...display setting and game setting is different right?? lol... i been using laptop for so long i feel dumb
  2. No problem! You are welcome here!
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