DELL u2412m.......or something else.....?

I am currently in the process of designing a new gaming rig, and of course I am want some opinions other than my own before I break the bank!!

Mainly I am stuck on the monitor, though I am leaning towards the DELL u2412m .

And of course I have a couple of questions!

Online all IPS monitors are getting mixed reviews as far as gaming is concerned. What are your thoughts on the Dell I mentioned earlier? (PLEASE DON'T COMMENT ON THE MONITOR IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED THE DELL U2412M)

And while I believe I will be very happy with 24" of 1920x1200 gaming @60hz and about a trillion colors....

1) are these 2 issues big enough (anti glare coating/overdrive reverse ghosting)? Should I be looking at something else?
Unfortunately testing the monitor for myself is not an option because of my remote location, even returning something is not easy.

2)Should I be looking above 24" or is there nothing reasonable out there

3)Are there better 24" IPS monitors that don't cost twice as much?

4)16:10 is still cool for games right?

5)Is there a TN monitor @120hz with decent colour reproduction 24' or larger?

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  1. 2) Benq makes an inexpensive 27" VA panel I think it's $400
    3) The u2410 isn't twice as much, neither is the hp zr2440w or zr24w
    4) Sometime you'll get black bars, but 99% of the time it is fine.
    5) Not imho.

    just read this:
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