Monitor vs monitor/tv and 16:10 vs 16:9

I considering these to monitors:

Samsung - 22" Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD HD Monitor -
Model: 2232BW

ViewSonic NX2232w 22" Widescreen LCD HDTV/Monitor Combo

The Samsung is not HD but it is 16:10...true HD format. I would put a tv tuner in PC.

Viewsonic is HD but is 16:9...not true HD format.

Samsung is one of the best. Viewsonic...I don't know about its reputation.

What things would YOU consider and what would you choose?
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  1. I don't know what you mean by "true HD" but HD movies are in 16:9 format not 16:10. Any "HD" resolution will be 16:9

    1280 / 720 = 1.778
    1920 / 1080 = 1.778
    16 / 9 = 1.778
    16 / 10 = 1.6
  2. "True HD" is called 1080i/p.

    That means 1920 x 1080.
  3. True HD images should be 1920x1080 in 16:9 format ratio. Most movies normally presented in 2.35/2.40:1 format (sometimes in 1.85:1) of widescreen. It will be displayed perfectly in any monitor/tv with 16:9 screen ratio with very small area of black bar on top and bottom of the screen (it won't being seen if movie with 1.85:1 format). That is why 16:9 become a standard in home entertainment/monitor macnufacturer. Monitor with resolution of 1920x1200 is capable display full HD content due to it has extra vertical pixel of 1200 where full HD only need 1080. This resolution make this type of monitor a 16:10 display with capability of displaying true HD content in 1080p. The only thing you need to remember is there will be more black bar on the screen due to it extra vertical resolution...(1200 vs 1080).
  4. 16:10 , 1900x1200 will enable you to have more vertical space on computing for bars while being able to see full HD movies withs some more space.
  5. yeah i agree it is still HD just a few more pixels wide for a more accurate and more spacious viewing
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