Best 24" Gaming Monitor (aprox. $250)

So I'm looking for a gaming monitor about 24", NO GHOSTING, great color (IPS?), fast response time, and low input lag for around $200 no more than $250.

The Samsung PX2370 is my choice so far but what do you guys think would be best?
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  1. Get this one:

    ASUS ML238H

    One hell of a monitor and one hell of a price.
  2. Sorry to but into your question here but I have the same exact question, and I'm trying to figure out the difference between these two monitors(which I think you should go with):

    Is it just the design? I could be missing a big difference but it's late here.

    Also Mrmaia, you linked the 23" one, is this one just the same?:

    It's only an inch bigger, but its the same resolution so wouldn't the 23" be better?

    Besides the three I listed and the one you listed I'm pretty torn. I might go with the first link, but I'm not sure yet. I feel like this post will help the OP as well if it gets answered. Thank you!
  3. Why does everyone love Asus?
    Is the ASUS VS248H-P any good?

  4. Haha, another mention of the VS248H-P.

    I haven't used it but ASUS is known to be solid when it comes to monitors. Try it out and if you don't like it you can usually return it and exchange it for something better.

    Andy H.
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