£700 gaming pc

hi i was going to build my own gaming pc for £700 uk pounds plz help me get the best parts for my money.

going to build it in about::: 2 months (becose the money dose not come in till then.)

monitor::: i will need a monitor i will probs be using a 19 inch so i dont know the rez.

overclocking::: maby if i do it will be like only 3ghz to 3.5ghz if that.

sli/crossfire:::maby in the pc's life span but later when i need to play more hardcore games

shops/websites:::i live in the uk so only ebuyer or any others you pro pc builders know about lol.

more info::: i will be playing games like cod4 and cod4mw2 when it comes out woot woot and css and tf2 and gta4 and fallout i dont cere about crysis so it will need to be a handy bit of kit.

plz give me the best parts for my price range thank you for your time ed.
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  1. fastdeath100 said:
    going to build it in about::: 2 months (becose the money dose not come in till then.)
    Stop back here in about six weeks. Lots of changes happening between now and then.
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  2. ok but can some one list me a list of good parts the round up to £700 i dont mind if its like £30 more just a list of the best parts that i can get for my money and il print it out and build it becose i cant w8 for ever with people saying you can get better then that but why dont you list a list of parts that are good im sorry its just anoying and it seems after about 10 postes the thred just dies
  3. The links we gave have parts lists in them.
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