Want to buy a 22" monitor

i wanted to buy a 22" Monitor(LCD or LED).I went to the stores and they showed me viewsonic vx2250 model and also an acer model.I am a gamer and have the nvidia gtx460.On asking they tell me there is no such model in the 22" that supports direct HDMI input apart from Acer.So can anybody suggest me a good monitor.
My Budget 8000-9000 Rupees(INR)
And is 5ms response time enough?
Please Help me

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  1. i feel that the viewsonic vx2250 is a good monitor.But my doubt is with the brands LG or Samsung or Acer or Viewsonic.is Viewsonic good compared to these 3??
    i feel i should go for the vx2250.And does HDMI to DVI coverter hamper the video quality in any way?
    Please suggest any good monitor you know
    Gonna place my order tomorrow
  2. Samsung, Dell, Asus are the three monitor brands I'd pick. Maybe Acer. LG and ViewSonic I have had multiple issues with, on a large number of monitors.
  3. So do you know any good models because i have only thought of the viewsonic yet and feel it is good.I could also buy the acer.I also had the LG E2241 monitor in mind.
    So go for the
    i.Acer(dont know the model)
    I myself found the viewsonic pretty good.I searched it on the net.
    The Acer has the direct HDMI input among this.All have 5ms response time.
    So which one should i go for??

    Will place my order in some hours
    Please help me
  4. Don't order by stats such as responce time, etc...

    Read reviews online. I don't use any of the brands myself but have seen some horrible image issues with LG and ViewSonic monitors where the LCD would basically leak all over the screen in dark blotches. Not just one or two, almost every single one we have. Although they were both a single model, I don't think I'd ever go with those two brands again.
  5. Thanks but anyways i ordered the viewsonic vx2250 because my friend told me that its quite good.
    Will reply about the quality as soon as i get it.
  6. I know it's a bit late for this response but I would've recommended the VX2253mh-LED as it has 2 HDMI ports vs. none on the VX2250wm-LED.

    Andy H.
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