Is this hd monitor ?


I do have 1366 x 768 monitor for my PC. It only has VGA port and as you can see the resloution is higher than 720p. So is my monitor consider as 720p or not since it has no HDMI port.

This is the monitor

Thanks you
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  1. It will display HD movies with no issues. And yes, you can call it an "HD Monitor". HD is really just a cool term everyone uses now, like PDA was last decade, or "Broadband". Your monitor does not need to be labled "HD" to be able to display those resolutions.
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    Indeed it is.

    HD means only 'High Definition', which is considered to be any resolution above 720p. The concept of high-definition itself has absolutely nothing to do with HDMI, which means High-Definition Media Interface and thus is only a type of connection.

    To clarify things, remember that you can dislay any low-definition media thru an HDMI connection, and as well you can display any "high-definition" media thru any interface other than HDMI.

    So, while your monitor does not have the "most appropriate" interface for it, it will definitely display correctly the high-def media you want to throw at it.
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