Acer monitor Model Number x193w flashing amber light

Cannot get this monitor to do anything. It has a constant flashing amber light. It worked just fine for the past two years. I turned it off two nights ago, and now it just will not do anything, but has a flashing amber light. Cannot turn off, or on.
Tom Goff
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    When you started the computer, did you get a POST beep? If so, check the monitor cable. Change from VGA to DVI of vice versa.

    Flashing amber means that the monitor is not getting a video signal.

    Try a different monitor and see whether it works. If a known good monitor does not work, it means that your Graphics card is bad.
  2. My monitor is doing the same, after some years of normal functioning amber light started flashing everytime i boot my pc, and after a minute or two starts, this behavior is increasing in time. It's the monitor, i have double screen and tried the same monitor with the other GPU out and the other cable and it keeps behaving like that. And no, i don't get any beep. We're talking about an Acer V193HQ
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